Our story.

Jason (right) had a workshop full of expensive machines.

David (left) had a bunch of dumb ideas.

Together, they made this dumb website, where you, a COMPLETE STRANGER, can buy their (actually very good) products, which are lovely and functional and also make excellent gifts for people who will think you have GREAT TASTE for getting them such good things.

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Our studio.

Our workshop is in southwest Los Angeles, where we can watch planes arriving into LAX every five minutes.

We're called Metro Vista because they're building a train track right next to our building, and someday soon, we will have a lovely view of the Metro Crenshaw Line extension (operational late 2019).

Our wholesale clients include artists, game companies, retail stores, technology companies, ad agencies, and exceptionally creative individuals.


Our products.

We make products we think you will like, and we sell them on this website, as well as at pop-culture gatherings such as San Diego Comic-Con, Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle), and Gen Con (Indianapolis). 

We can also create custom versions of our products (coasters and magnets primarily), as well as any other similar thing that can be made with the same tools – Keychains? Game tokens? Pendants? You tell us!

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