You’ll like the things we make.

Because we make things that we like. Our products aren’t stamped out by the thousands in some soulless factory halfway across the world. Because it turns out factories are expensive. So instead, we have a workshop. A few cozy rooms where real human beings pour love and care into making coasters shaped like floppy disks. (Yes, we know. It's also the save icon.)

Good news, friend. We’ll sell you that coaster shaped like a floppy disk. You aren’t going to find it on the shelf at Walmart, or on some “geek” website selling USB toasters. Better get it from us.

More than friends. Buddies.

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Simple, but classy.

There’s a lot of crappy pop-culture merchandise out there. We use our years of hands-on experience to make sturdy, high-quality art products that also serve a useful function (except for Wall Buddies—those jerks should get a job). Our coasters and magnets are designed to provide you many years of enjoyment.


Your fridge needs a buddy.

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all products Designed and assembled in our Los Angeles workshop.

Made with love and laser beams. 

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Be our buddy?


Metro Vista Design is a collaboration between:

David Malki ! (left), founder of Wondermark, an art and design snob who makes sure everything we create is both meaningful and beautiful.

Jason Lioi (right), founder of Dapper Devil, a veteran craftsperson who brings a simple and iconic sensibility to the creation of our fun products.

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