Custom Magnets

Custom Wooden MagnetsTurn your custom design into a cool wooden magnet! Our magnets make great retail products, gifts, mementos, or marketing pieces.

PICK YOUR MATERIAL: Magnets are typically made from 1/8″ thick birch, but we can also use 3mm colored acrylic.

CUSTOMIZE THE DESIGN: We can engrave any single-color design, up to a reasonable level of detail. The outer edge of each wood or acrylic piece (the “emblem”) can be made any irregular or custom shape, at no extra charge.

WE FINISH IT UP: Once engraved, we affix each emblem with a strong neodymium magnet. The magnets we use are strong enough to hold a stack of 12 letter-sized sheets of paper onto your fridge. Perfect for your tax forms.

HEAVY DUTY: We don’t want any magnet to ever break off an emblem, so we’ve developed a proprietary 3-piece fitting that encases the magnet itself between two layers of adhesive. We guarantee this assembly for life — should a magnet fitting ever separate from its emblem, we’ll not only replace that magnet, we’ll send you two.

JUST RIGHT: We’ve found that a general size of about 2″ – 3″ wide works for most magnet designs, so that’s what our pricing is based around. If you want magnets taller or wider than 4″, please contact us for a special pricing quote. (SPOILER ALERT: It will be a little more expensive.)

Custom Magnet Pricing

  • Custom magnets cost $3.50 apiece, with a minimum order of 20 per design.
  • Shipping is a flat $6 to any U.S. address (any order quantity); international shipping varies by destination country. (Combined orders with coasters and/or tokens only incur a single shipping charge.)
  • For orders under 100 magnets of a given design, we also charge a $20 one-time setup fee to convert your submitted artwork into a format our machines can use. Once set up, you can always reorder more magnets of that design without any further fees.
  • All setup fees are waived for orders of 100 magnets or more (of a given design).
  • Individual custom magnets may also be ordered for $24. This covers the design setup fee and the cost for one magnet. May be useful for prototyping a design. (U.S. shipping is free for prototype orders.)
  • Order turnaround is usually around 1-3 weeks, depending on workload. Rush service may be available.

How to Order

To order custom magnets, or contact us with any questions, please send an email to Include whatever details you think are important. We’ll be in touch right away to help. Feel free to supply your design file in any format you have handy — vector files are best (.ai, .eps, or .pdf), but we can work from raster files if necessary (.jpg, .png, .tif, .psd).

You can also buy individual magnets that we’ve designed ourselves! This is a good way to see the quality of our magnets for yourself. We ship orders worldwide from the Dapper Devil shop.